Global Advocacy & Leadership Institute

Advocacy is taking place every day around the globe, often on issues of great significance - climate change, healthcare, education, child poverty, human rights, and immigration. Lawyers and doctors, activists and politicians, artists and business leaders all share advocacy as a necessary element of their work. Strong advocacy is an essential component of robust democracies and excellent leadership.

Yet despite the critical importance of advocacy for our democracies, our lives, and leadership, there is a lack of comprehensive, rigorous research and teaching about advocacy theory and practice.

This is the work of the Global Advocacy & Leadership Institute (GALI), established after five years of dynamic incubation at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Through GALI, we consult and develop courses and programs on advocacy and leadership on the basis of international and cross-disciplinary research, including interviews with top advocates from around the world. Our clients include universities, business consortiums, government agencies, community groups, and NGOs. We launched the current series of GALI courses and programs with our award-winning pilot course, a University of Toronto political science seminar entitled "How to Make Change". GALI is developing a global community and conversation about advocacy and leadership that transcends issues, sectors, and ideology.

Please join us. We are currently in the process of revamping our website. Email us at We'll put you on our list and keep you up-to-date on programs, courses, events, and the launch of our new website. Welcome.